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  1. make sb. out

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    • 1. 了解(某人的性格) What a strange person she is! I can't make her out at all. 她這個人真怪!我根本無法了解她。
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    • keep one's temper用法一問

      ...51 補充: temper = a frame of mind keep [sb] in temper = keep [sb] in a frame of mind make [sb] out of temper = make [sb] burst out anger

    • 請幫我找make和take的片語!!~~急!!20點~~~

      ...失去的時間。make up to奉承;獻媚 make it up to sb.報答;回報 (= make it up to sb. for sth.)make out of... 与 make of ...的意思相同。make 后可接形容詞  make sure (certain)弄清楚...

    • I am stressed out.

      ...speed, jabbering a mile a minute and making no sense at all.=>be whacked out 因酒精或藥物喪失理智竭 5.The... out before this weekend.=>to baul sb. out假釋 11. Some of the names...