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  1. make sense of


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    • 1. 理解 Can you make sense of what this writer is saying? 你能了解這個作家在講什麼嗎?
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    • 有關社會學的英文句子翻譯(10點)

      1. Writers make sense of an issue by conjuring up beliefs and values the larger...被了解) 2. They do this by comparing the object to images of past events in the collective memory or to revered cultural icons...

    • 問一句英文翻譯,並教我用法!

      ...exceptional verbal skills. 這表示:你有傑出的運用語言能力 You can easily make sense of complex issues and take an unusually creative approach to solving ...

    • *作業* 照問題句 10點

      很高興為你解答 sense of humor 幽默感 句子: It is sense of humor that makes me more popular than all the other people in the class. 解釋:正是幽默感...