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    • 高二簡單英文問題~

      ...fed up with your endless nagging .So would you please shut up. fed up在這是什麼意思?原形是什麼? to feed up = to give someone more food than usual to make them stronger or less thin。這裡是被動,所以成了to be fed up...

    • 請幫我用10個片語變成英文文章!!(急)謝謝

      ... an extravagant turkey feast. Someone at the village was green...proof. I “was fed up with” living a life... I know that incident made me the most famous detective...

    • 以使役/感官動詞合併句子

      ... the ducks some bread. 2. Cole helped me clean up the mess after the wild party. 3. The doctor made the patient stay in bed for a week. 4. Denny heard someone knocking on the door before he went to bed. 5.Jenny felt...