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  1. make something good

    • ph.
      compensate for loss, damage, or expense;repair or restore after damage
    • 釋義


    • 1. compensate for loss, damage, or expense
    • 2. repair or restore after damage
    • 3. fulfil a promise or claim
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    • what is good什麼是GOOD

      若你明白題目的意思,其實這答案都在你心裡了說!若是我個人的話: -定義什麼是好? 好應該是一種自我心靈的滿足,而不是和他人比較得來的。 -什麼會讓某些事物變更好? 應該是人內心存在的善良心意吧!凡是能退一步,海闊天空。 -該怎麼做會生活得好? 我想應該是...

    • 英語諺語的英語解釋

      ... make fine birds It's the details that make something good in fine feather - in good humor...

    • 英文作文範例-What Makes a Good Frien

      ...point out when they're doing something you don't agree with. Have...the following checklist and see how good a friend you really are. Are... time and effort but if you can make time just to listen to others and...