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  1. make sth. out

    • ph.
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    • 1. 理解某事物 I can't make out what she wants. 我不明白她想要什麼。 How do you make that out? (i.e. How did you reach that conclusion?) 你怎麼得出那個結論的?
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    • make sth out of nothing at all

      out of 是基於.....的意思. 比如 out of curiosity. making love out of nothing at all 在這首歌的意思是 那個女的...makes this song to tell the girl he cannot make love out of nothing at all like she does.

    • 幾個與do與make有關的片語常搞混

      ... life=achieve sth in your life. ----It's important to try to make sth out of nothing. (4)make off with sth=to steal sth and hurry away with it. ---eg:-He...

    • 遠東新高中第一冊(94年上)L10.11單字片語<20點>

      ...澳洲一大型鳥類) 鴯鶓 33.platypus 鴨嘴獸 34.wombat 袋熊 片語 1.up to 達到 2.make sth out of 用…(材料)做成 3.take turns 輪流 (+Ving) angry with sb...