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  1. make sth. out of

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    • 1. 因...而挑起對抗 Do you want to make something out of it? 你想為這事大吵一場嗎?
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    • make sth out of nothing at all

      out of 是基於.....的意思. 比如 out of curiosity. making love out of nothing at all 在這首歌的意思...'m never gonna make it like you do, making love out of nothing at all. 這是我對這首歌的理解...

    • 幾個與do與make有關的片語常搞混

      ... life=achieve sth in your life. ----It's important to try to make sth out of nothing. (4)make off with sth=to steal sth and hurry away with it. ---eg:-He ...

    • 請幫我找make和take的片語!!~~急!!20點~~~

      ...時間。make up to奉承;獻媚 make it up to sb.報答;回報 (= make it up to sb. for sth.)make out of... 与 make of ...的意思相同。make 后可接形容詞  make sure (certain)弄清楚,搞...