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    • 1. 轉移某事物的所有權 The estate was made over to the eldest son. 地產的所有權已轉給長子。 He has made over the whole property to the National Trust. 他已把全部房地產轉交給全國名勝古蹟托管協會。
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    • 〝急〞常用高中英文片語、承接語、結論(15點喔>”<!!)

      ...洩漏、出版 get out of逃避、棄絕 get over恢復、克服 get through結束、完成...break out爆發 break up打碎 set fire to sth./set sth. on fire放火/焚燒 set forth...爽約 stand up for sb./sth.支持、維護 make believe假裝 make faces扮鬼臉...

    • How to do sth ?

      How to make a sandwich: First, you have to prepare the ingredients as follows: - two...麵包機內,加熱到焦黃色。 Third, you: spread the butter over each slice of the toast (one side each).每一片吐司抹上奶油...

    • 翻譯,英文片語。

      ...出席講課 25.spread A over B 將A散佈到B上 to 失敗 27.over the school year 在學年期間 28.make sth last 使某事持續 29.either way  (兩者之中)任一的方法 relation to 關於...