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    • 翻譯一句英文

      ... big perhaps the crystal power produces. 推測還可以用: conjecture speculation supposition to guess to infer to conjecture to presume to speculate to figure out to make conjectures to form conjectures

    • 您精通英文嗎?我的內容需要翻成英文

      ... the people to think, how they do interact, as well as they make with the use object. The honest like two social ... into) all societies to relate, constitution basic supposition and expectation foundation, moreover is institute of department...

    • 幫我修改一下作文 24點唷 ~~ 拜託各位了 一天內

      ... lied to him unexpectedly, which made his father feel sad. Then his father... are filled with magic, they can make an ugly guy become a handsome gentleman, and terrible- looking...