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  1. make terms

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    • 1. 達成協議 It was after a two-hour debate that they finally made terms. 經過兩個小時的辯論後他們終於達成了協議。



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    • Business Management English

      The highest possible achievement for a successful going-concern is to procure the right goods with the right quality, in the right quantity, from the right supplier, and deliver it to the right customer at the right time. P.S. "going-concern" 是專業用語," procure" 也...

    • 請問英文翻譯?三句問句無法完整了解意義

      .... Staffing D.員工編派 1. Staff assignments made on terms of comfort/discomfort with patient request 1.根據(員工)對病患的需求舒服或不舒服的...

    • in terms of 及of 的用法

      ... sorry that I was too harsh on you. 你不會說: In terms of the other day, ... 3. ...., you must make sure whether it is of practical use. ..., 你必須確定它是否有實際用途 (of...