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  1. make up for

    • ph.
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    • 1. 彌補 Her beauty can't make up for her stupidity. 她的美麗不能彌補她的愚蠢。 They are working hard to make up for lost time. 他們正在努力工作以便補上失去的時間。



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    • 求文法解 ”it makes up for with...”

      這裡也許有您要的解答, "make up for" is a phrasal verb lacks in architectural grace, it makes up for with sheer, overwhelming mass. 改寫為以下...

    • 請問英文片語的中文及例句 ?

      1. make up for 填補,賠償 To make up for being late last time, I will buy you...should get used to living in the town.你必須漸漸習慣小鎮生活。 4. make use of 利用 The goal is to make use of technology to improve our...

    • 請問No make up for the exam有意義否?

      Don't make ups for this examination. THIS SENTENCE IS NOT CORRECT...