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    • A big green smile

      ...when she saw me. "make up one's mind" means a person has decided... process. E.g. He is yet to make up his mind about which car he should buy. "set one's mind"...

    • 請幫我翻譯英文片語和造句"急"!(15點)

      ...的, 出名的 The city is famous for its silk. 22.make up ones mind下決心 She made up her mind buying the beautiful vase. 2006-02-13 04:36:43 補充: 23.neither...

    • 常用的英文片語!

      ...never mind別在意 at all一點也(不) at least至少 take a trip旅行 catch cold感冒 make up one's mind下決心  change one's mind改變主意 call of取消 make friends交朋友...