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  1. make up to

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      獻慇懃, 巴結;補償
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    • 1. 獻慇懃, 巴結 He used to make up to important people. 他過去經常向重要人物獻殷勤。 He is always making up to influential people. 他老是向有權有勢的人獻媚巴結。
    • 2. 補償 I'll make it up to you, I promise. 我保証我會補償你。 I must make it up to my mother for disappointing her at the game. 我在比賽中的表現令我母親失望, 我一定要補償她。


    獻慇懃, 巴結

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      make up 1. 補足 We need $50 to make up the sum required. 我們需要五十元以補足所 stay in Britain. 他們已決意留在英國。 make up to 1. 接近 He made up to us. 他...

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      ...縫制;做成 整理;收拾make up a bed 整理床鋪make up for補償How can we make up to you for what you have suffered? 我們如何補償你所遭受的損害?make up for...

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