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    • 看一下英文作文的文法(PartA)

      ...39;ll discuss in the rest of the letter. The first reason for...have little doubt that the chief function of sex is to procreate. exercised only between a man and woman who are legally married...

    • 兩題英文聽力的意思不太懂~請講解

      ...的直接把工作申請表寄出去...不要等教授的推薦信了(否則會來不及) The man suggests that this woman better send the job application form early rather than waiting for her professor's letter of recommendation, otherwise she may not meet the deadline in two weeks. 第二句那個...

    • 英文問題 改成被動!!

      ... are taken care of by the woman. 4.A young man robbed the bank yesterday. The bank... secretary is typing those letters. Those letters are...