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  1. man about town


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    • 這段英文如何要翻譯呢?20點

      ...遊客而言她們一定 have taken a few rides about town in a taxicab that all New Yorkers are...history with so much compassions for its fellow man. It clothes, feeds, 對自己的同胞...

    • 英翻中.....十萬火急....10點

      ...s got the best French bread in town.我想看看 在那邊街角有一家 在超市跟銀行中間 他 do ?納各女生要做什麼What does the man say about the chocolate cake?那位先生對巧克力蛋糕評價如何

    • 英文文法問題。

      ...→concerned; be concerned about 是關心的意思 7.It was very ...across from the park belongs to the richest man in our town. locates→located, 原式為which ...