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  1. man of God

    • ph.
      a clergyman
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    • ph.
      a clergyman

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • Jesu, joy of man's desiring

      Jesus, joy of man's desiring 耶穌 人類渴求的快樂 Holy wisdom... to uncreated light 矢志飛向永存不滅的光明 Word of God, our flesh that fashioned 天主聖言 化身為我們...

    • 西洋文學概論關於Gilgamesh的問題

      ...) designed the image of his body; heavenly Shamash, god of the Sun, endowed him with beauty, while Adad, god of the...

    • of文法結構

      ...of + 名詞, 可代替意思相同的形容詞, 例: a man of importance = an important man 因此, 本句: We are of much greater value than the birds and flowers that God takes care of. 可改為: We are much more valuable than the...