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  1. man-made interference

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    • 英文作業請協助翻譯

      ...they have no way to distinguish direction, the whole operation, the blind man itself needs good directional ability to act and can provide...arbitrary in various sounds, gestures, touch, feed or interference such as guide dogs.

    • 請幫忙翻譯 英翻中 送20點 感謝

      Naismith 是加拿大安大略人,先在麥克吉爾大學攻讀牧師學準備做牧師,但讀了三年卻發現根本不適合,他的興趣是體育,但麥克吉爾大學沒有這一科系,因此就忍耐唸到畢業,然後到了美國麻省的春田學院,謀得一個體育指導員的職位,這已經是1891年的事了。 由於春田大學是...

    • 煩請協助英文翻譯

      ... of the researchers by the interference of to the cases, to improve the rigor of the research...with hypertension, but not for the rest age ranges. Making the following recommendations that ...