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    • 1. 用...設法應付過去 We'll manage with what tools we have. 我們將用現有的這些工具來設法應付過去。



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    • manage with the other one.翻譯

      manage with the other one.在此句的翻譯 這不是淺而易見嗎? 而事實上大部分捐了一個腎臟的人可以靠另一顆活得好好的 manage with 用...設法應付過去 2015-03-03 16:13:56 補充: with the other one(one 在這是kidney...

    • 與A as well as B句型有一樣嗎?

      ...英文可以拆成兩句,你就看的懂了 NOx emissions were not managed well with the larger particles. NOx emissions were...

    • 英文有關 不要勉強 要怎麼說

      勉強 勉強 翻譯Study 字典1. (盡力) manage with an effort; do with difficulty: 勉強站起來 manage to stand up 2. (不心甘情願) reluctantly...