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  1. managed currency

    • n.
      a currency whose exchange rate is regulated or controlled by the government.
    • noun: managed currency, plural noun: managed currencies

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    • managed to 什麼意思

      managed to : 設法 conflicts : 衝突; 爭端 get involved in 涉入於...

    • 問翻譯~We have managed to .......

      我們設法達到我們的目標儘管declining 零售價和上漲成本。我們期望這個趨向將繼續通過挑戰在途中以不穩定的油價、貨幣不確定性、商業不確定性, 健康關心的形式等。

    • 請厲害的大大幫我翻譯以下的財金英文 翻譯成中文意思 感恩

      Managed float regime 管制性的浮動匯率體制 The current international financial environment in which exchange rates...attempt to influence their countries' exchange rates by buying and selling currencies. Also known as a dirty float. 在目前匯率每天波動的國際金融環境下, 而中央銀行試圖...