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    • 斗篷,覆罩之物,罩子罩住,覆蓋覆蓋,臉紅
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    • 棒球明星Mickey Mantle的話

      佳慧,我們先理解一下為何 米奇‧查理斯‧曼托 (Mickey Mantle) 會說這句話。 "Play like me; don't be like me."...

    • how do crust and mantle differ

      ...layer of the sphere which makes up the physical appearance of the planet. The mantle is the next major layer, taking up more of a liquid form. convection ...

    • 英文意思..翻譯..解釋..越快越好!!

      ...皮相,外表,表面。4.〔美俚〕老面皮,厚顏無恥,沒禮貌;(人的)腦殼。 Mantle: 1.披風,罩衣。2.一層(被覆)幕,蓋罩。3.(煤氣燈)紗罩;【解剖學】外表...