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  1. manufacturers

    • manufacturer的名詞複數
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    • solo manufacturer 的中文

      solo manufacturer = 獨家製造廠 有可能是因為: 1. 獨家的技術 或是 2. 商場的契約 例子們: Tesla is the solo manufacturer for this electric car. We have had an agreement to use them as our solo manufacturer till 2020.

    • 煩請達人指導manufacturer joint

      ...glue. The place where these two ends meet is known as the manufacturer's joint. 請參考圖樣:

    • factory manufacturer有啥差別媽?

      fact這個字的拉丁文原意是do的意思 manufact是兩個字的組合,即hand made(manu是拉丁文的手)。有別於natural(自己長出來的,天然的)。 兩個字都來自拉丁文 所以factory和manufacturer都是:人們製造東西的地方 兩個字屬同義字。