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    • 請幫忙看一下這句英文的意思是什麼, 感謝喔!

      ...大的發展潛力,甚至可以超過目前所知所用數倍之多。 to extend even this limit many times over.... 這句在這裡是指出 到底有什麼潛力 even我想是指this limit吧 我猜這整句...

    • over and over和on and off

      ...許多場合; 多次(再) repeatedly; many times; many a time; times and again; times without number; on many occasions; over and over (again) "斷斷續續地"的意思就是剛剛好相反!希望我給你"...

    • 中翻英 – 代代相傳 (from可以去掉嗎?)

      over and over = many times是副詞+副詞的對等狀態。音步是/--/- from a gernation to another generation...如果是詩作,對仗時,詞性宜相同,節奏數也須相同或接近,所以over and over大概只能對上years after years。這樣譜成...