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  1. many-coloured, many-hued

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    • How many colours are there?怎回答

      ... are three colors. 如是多種顏色:There are many colors. 註:colorcolour是通用的喔!(但如果老師教colour就照老師說...

    • 英文文法高手請進

      主詞不是人的時候 要怎麼用呢? 例如 1Rose has many colors. 玫瑰有很多顏色 2Dog has four legs. 狗有四支腳 ...

    • 這英文句子怎樣顛倒和祈使句的用法

      ... you go to the mountains this month,you can see many different colors. →You can see many different colors if you go...能用這種方式 ) 2006-03-08 20:36:41 補充: 第一題應該是colors 吧!