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  1. many-hued

    • adj.
      consisting of many different colors
    • 釋義


    • 1. consisting of many different colors many-hued flowers
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      ...第十四題 During the worldwide economic (A) depression, many businesses were shut down and a great ...) rue 悔恨 (C) due (應給付的)款項 (D) hue 色調 希望我的回答有幫助到您,若有任何疑問歡迎再度...

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      ... creed: buy low, sell high. 她在華爾街賺了大錢利用遵循信條:買低賣高. 5. Many people who are colorblind cannot distinguish from different hues of red and green. 很多色盲者無法分辨紅和綠的色調. 6. Must you interfere...

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      ... doesn't matter too much though about nationality, color (hue), and other physical characteristics. 但這些都應該... someone, I believe is a mix of many different attributes, but above all... no one thing ...