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  1. map out


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    • 1. 安排 She mapped out her time very well. 她把時間安排得很好。
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    • 英語句型They made these maps out

      They made these maps out of sticks and shells.第一句是不可以寫成第二句的,因為make of...and shell to make maps. 我用水和麵粉做麵包 I made bread out from water and flour.要改成 made from,因為麵包是看不出它材料原本的樣子...

    • 決勝於千里之外;運籌於股掌之中的中翻英..急徵20點

      翻譯: To map out the strategy in the military tent, and to contest for victory in the distance...良好執行時,可以在遙遠的他方因此作戰並獲致勝利。 運籌 plan, map out strategy (物流、後勤之意) 帷幄 a military tent (軍帳,打仗時主官...

    • 書信修改:It's really nice to hear

      ...great to hear that you are setting out on your journey again. (map out是"安排"的意思,如果對方是還在安排構思階段,那使用map out是對的,但是...