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  1. mark down


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    • 釋義


    • 1. 記下 I marked that down in my notebook. 我把那一點記在我的筆記本上。
    • 2. 減價
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    • 翻譯 把中文翻成英文

      ... to reduce to drop to debase to abate to diminish to decrease to cut down to mark down to level down to roll back to knock down 有很多種說法但都要視後面加上的是什麼...

    • 英文使用完請登記怎麼說

      ...影印機請簽名 並登記使用紙張數量 please enrol once you finished also mark down how many paper that you have used 音效 sound effects 這是一部臥底...

    • 幫翻…(有關行銷學20點!急…)

      ... does, and because Kymco doesn't have any celebrity spokesperson, it marks down its price and rolls out a back-to-school discount event at the start of...