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    • 請幫忙中翻英,不要翻譯軟體答案

      ...relationship with you. 補充: Searching: 徵,尋找,尋求(與Looking for, seeking 意思一樣。) Mark out: 註明 Interflowing:交流 Relationship:關係 Pen pal...

    • [教育學習]英翻中

      供您參考: 表面不要有刮傷.擦傷,注意刀痕 No scratches or scrapes on the surface; watch out for knife marks.

    • (急)請幫我翻譯文中文

      ... the current slider position as the Mark Out Time. This is the point where you set... Default duration will be displayed for this length of time. Bitmaps using the ...