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  1. marking scheme, marking system

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    • IB past exam paper

      我有2005和2006 may/nov 電子版的,可是2007我的是hardcopy,所以無法上傳。 你要哪些科目的?? HL 還是 SL??

    • 英文翻譯~~急(非用翻譯軟體)_謝謝

      ... support 表示支持 "Marking a voter's ID card is... rid of such a ridiculous scheme will not only ensure free voting... ID cards marked when they take their ...

    • 請問money pump是啥意思?

      ...拉高出貨」。 例句 : You should be wary of "pump and dump" stock schemes on the Internet that promote the buying of certain stocks...