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    • 婚姻,密切結合,結婚,婚禮,合併
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    • wed?marriage?

      ...let me leave "wed" aside and talk about wedding and marriage: Wedding is a marriage ceremony, including the meal and party on...

    • marriage、marry到底要怎麼分別?

      marriage、marry到底要怎麼分別? marriage只能作名詞使用;marry能做及物、不及物動詞使用 這二個到底要怎麼區分? 我要例子說明,例如,我要結婚了。要用哪個?等. marriage只能作名詞 使用 是 [結婚 ] 生活上用語是 [ 婚姻 ] . 還有是 [ 婚禮 ...

    • marriage of convenience翻譯

      ... because the government suspects the couple of having a marriage of convenience. 她正面臨被丹麥的逐出,因為政府方面懷疑她們夫妻是假結婚...