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  1. marriage vows


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    • 什麼是hitched to ?

      .... 4. to move or draw (something) with a jerk. 5. Slang. to bind by marriage vows; unite in marriage; marry:   They got hitched in '79. 6...

    • 我願意的英文

      ...部電影(忘了名字),內容讓我印象深刻,( To follow and keep our marriage vows will be my sweet duty for the rest of my life.),雖然很長,但真的...

    • 英文句子extend the ...這句要如何翻譯?

      ...extend (延伸, 跨越出去)the bonds (連繫) of friendship*** ***to include(納入) the vows (誓約)of marriage *** 將緊密深厚的友誼延伸到進一步, 把婚姻的誓約包容進來 感覺上是英文...