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    • married man,family man??

      married man 簡單。字面意思:已婚男子。(不管有沒有小孩) family man. 字面意思:已經成家...重視家庭價值的男子 (喜歡多花時間和家人相處的男人)。 片語定義: a family mana man who likes to spend a lot of time with his wife and children...

    • 這句英文如何翻譯,英文高手請進來幫忙解答

      ... more sensitive to the problems of foreign women who marry men in Taiwan by her experiences as a foreign student. 因著...

    • 急呀!英文高手幫幫我吧!

      ..., how can you expect a man to love you? Second, don’t date a married man. This is very important. A married man, even if he ...