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    • 1. 經結婚成為...的一員 She married into the Kennedy family. 她嫁入甘迺迪家。 He married into the French aristocracy. 他因婚姻關係躋身於法國貴族。
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    • 英文的問題 ~ ~marry into the purple

      purple a. (形容詞 adjective) 紫的,紫紅的 His face turned purple with rage. 他氣得臉色發紫。 帝王的 詞藻華麗的;華而不實的 He used to write purple prose. 他過去常寫絢麗矯飾的散文。 n. (名詞 noun) 紫色,紫紅色[U] She was...

    • the meaning? thanks.

      What did I marry into? 我嫁進了什麼樣子的家庭? 也可以說成: What kind of family did I married to? 似乎是個對所在的家庭不滿的婦女所講的

    • 拜託各位高手幫我檢查看看有沒有文法錯誤好嗎??

      ... when I was 10. I went there because my aunt married into the country, and she had invited my grandmother and I for...