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    • 陽性,男性男性的,陽性的,有丈夫氣的
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    • 義大利文發音

      ...義大利文很複雜,很難一下子解釋清楚 , 也只能慢慢學習了解囉! 你說的neuter feminine masculine,是指翻成義文嗎? neuter(中性)=>neutro ; feminine(陰性)=>femminile ; masculine(陽性...

    • 請問這個跟西班牙文有關的英語笑話

      ..., article needs to agree with gender. That means, masculine noun need masculine article. With this said, let's go back to the joke...

    • 西文與英文的關係,如:buenos días

      ...quot;buenos" and "dias" are in plural form, and they are both masculine. "Bueno" means "good", it is an adjective, but...