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  1. mass production


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    • 這產品何時量產?? <--英文如何說

      肯定句型 I need to know a schedule of mass production on the product/model. 疑問句型 Have you set the schedule of mass production on...

    • 在...一段時間之後...的翻譯

      ...將停止出貨。」 翻譯成英文可否這樣寫?(One month later after mass production, we will stop shipping.) 除句子前段later是冗字外,全句合文法...

    • 中翻英, 請幫忙翻譯如下文章(15點)

      Development go in mass production success rate is too low and needed to improve the following ...implementation 4. Automated import process/device/fixture management maintenance planning/production design ability to detect treatment tools strengthen 5. QA: supplier quality/reliability...