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  1. match

    • IPA[maCH]


    • n.
      a contest in which people or teams compete against each other in a particular sport;a person or thing able to contend with another as an equal in quality or strength
    • v.
      correspond or cause to correspond in some essential respect; make or be harmonious;team (someone or something) with someone or something else appropriate or harmonious
    • noun: match, plural noun: matches

    • verb: match, 3rd person present: matches, gerund or present participle: matching, past tense: matched, past participle: matched

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    • MATCH是什麼意思?

      match   n. ( 名詞 noun )  vi. ( 不及物動詞 intransitive...物】 (一根)火柴,火柴棍 《例句》 a box of matches 一盒火柴 a book of matches 一紙板火柴 (cf...shirt.=The new tie and the shirt are a good match. 這新領帶和襯衫很匹配. vi. ( 不及物動詞 intransitive...

    • 請問一下英文match和game的不同

      基本上 根據美國用法 match : 一組一人兩人的比賽 比如說 網球桌球類 game : 兩人以上的對戰了 不過... xxx 隊 versus xxx 隊 我玩的遊戲是 美式足球一隊 11 人 所以我認為 match & game 都可以 不過較多人使用 game. 以上淺見 希望對您有幫助 2008-01...

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      ... used to scan resumes and search for key words that__ (a) match (b) matched (c) matching 句子拆解: This program is...