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    • 1. 比得上 No one can match up to Tom in vigor. 沒有人能在體力方面比得過湯姆。
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    • MATCH是什麼意思?

      ...火柴,火柴棍   ‧agree  相稱,相配   ‧marry  使結婚 match  match up match up to... meet [find] one's match put a match to... to match well [ill] matched...

    • 中翻英 馬上今天要!!謝謝!!

      ... of Lance.Up to now there has been the wreath method big match of the history in a hundred ...a lot of contestants to all midway back a match because of falling and...

    • 獨樂樂不如眾樂樂的英文

      ... more enjoyable than selfish happiness/pleasure.A single person's joy will never match/measure up to the joy shared by all. 單一一個人的喜悅是永遠也比不上大家一起分享的...