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    • in question」怎麼造句呢??

      ...人或事或物的後面加上這片語 如: the point in question, the person in question, the matter in question 因為指的是正在議論中的人事物 一定要有前文 才能用在句子裡 否則...

    • in(或in a) very good health

      Your question is a matter of whether "health" is a countable or uncountable noun...uncountable. Hence, you shall use: My grandmother is in very good health. 2014-09-11 01:40:27 補充: you might have ...

    • A question about matters of UK

      ..., Scottish independence is a matter for the Scots themselves. Let the SNP have the referendum. If a majority votes in favour of the split, so be it. It's not...