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  1. mature

    • IPA[məˈtʃʊə]


    • adj.
      fully developed physically; full-grown;(especially of a young person) having reached a stage of mental or emotional development characteristic of an adult
    • v.
      (of a person or thing) become fully grown or developed;(of a person) reach an advanced stage of mental or emotional development
    • verb: mature, 3rd person present: matures, gerund or present participle: maturing, past tense: matured, past participle: matured

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    • n.
      an adult student who attends college or university some years after leaving school.

    Oxford Dictionary

    • adj.
      (of certain foods and drinks) having a rich, satisfying flavour developed through ageing: a well-matured Merlot

    Oxford Dictionary

    • adj.
      (of certain foods and drinks) having a rich, satisfying flavor developed through aging: a well-matured Merlot

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • IPA[məˈCHo͝or]


    • adj.
      fully developed physically; full-grown: she was now a mature woman owls are sexually mature at one year
    • v.
      (of an organism) become physically mature: children mature at different ages the trees take at least thirty years to mature

    Oxford American Dictionary

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      Mature & Ripe不一樣 Mature : Of characteristic of full development, either mental or physical; e.g. mature for her age. Mature (=ripe): Thoroughly matured, as by study or experience; e.g. (mature...

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