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  1. may

    • IPA[meɪ]



    • aux.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 可能 are you going to accept? — I may 你會接受嗎?──有可能 and who may this be? 那麼這會是哪位呢?
    • 2. 可以 I'll sit down, if I may 我可以坐下嗎? if I may say so, you look stunning 要我說,你看上去魅力四射
    • 3. 儘管 be that as it may 就算是那樣 that's as may be, but ... 儘管如此,可是…
    • 4. sit here so I may see you better 坐這兒,讓我好好看看你
    • 5. 但願 may he rest in peace 願他安息 long may she reign! 天祐我女王!