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  1. meals on wheels

    • ph.
      meals delivered to old people or invalids who cannot cook for themselves
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    • ph.
      meals delivered to elderly people or invalids who are unable either to prepare meals or have ...

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 英文文章標題之疑問

      Meals on Wheels 是用車子(輪子)載送食物。很多是載給年長活動不便... are, uh, worth two thousand words. :-) 1. Meals on Wheels 圖片參考:

    • how many 用法

      ...前面的子句述部,也是可以省略的,因為可以意會。 2014-05-27 03:15:06 補充: Meals on Wheels is just one organization serving people who are poor, disabled...

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      Try an unconventional career path 踏上與眾不同的生涯之路 一、別侷限自己:許多人深信教育背景或者工作經驗使他們被劃入特定的領域,因此他們也只有這個選擇。 「我不必遵守常規、沒有人為我先下決定,更沒有『書籍』告訴我成功之路該怎麼走,這些對我都是好的。這讓我能...