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    for the mean time

    • ph.
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    • meaning for a sentance

      ...translation. There is NO "估" meaning in the original English sentence. Therefore...two suggestions I have, you will see that for the first one I use "higher"...

    • mean??stand for??

      ...或如有象徵意義的動物 (The American bald eagle stands for freedom.) mean to have a particular meaning (

    • 請問框起來的哪一個是錯的呢?

      it was [mean] [for] the boy to [eat] [all the cakes] in my party. 裡的錯字應該是下面...說話的人"評論某件已經發生的某事",而他的"評論"是"mean"(壞心的,惡意的),"已經發生的某事"則是"have eaten...