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  1. mean well by sb.

    • ph.
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    • make/deliver the invitation

      ...use "make sth for sb"; HansCard... the invitation (by hands) with flower...on the Chinese meaning of the phrase you memorize...which word has a better fit in the meaning...

    • 幫忙check我的英文日記吧~~~

      ...10-30 21:22:50 補充: I think, it might be better to use: "guarantee-to-score-600" class is closer to your Chinese meaning. I don't have a clear idea what it means...

    • "你今天量體重了嗎?"正確的英文該怎麼書寫哩?

      ...39 補充: Prisoner, Well, you know what I meant was that weight ... answer. You can see by yourself that when weight... the weight of sth/sb.. No offense.