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  1. means

    • KK[minz]
    • DJ[mi:nz]


    • n.
    • 名詞複數:means

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞


    • 1. 手段,方法;工具[M][G] It is all a means to an end. 這只是達到目的的一種手段。
    • 2. 財產;資力;收入[K] He is living beyond his means. 他入不敷出。


    「n. 方法;手段」的反義字

    • adj.
      吝嗇的,小氣的[(+about/over/with)] Her husband is very mean about money. 她的丈夫在金錢上很吝嗇。
    • vt.
      (言詞等)表示……的意思[+(that)] What does the phrase mean? 這片語是什麼意思?
    • vi.[W]
    • n.[U
      意思;含義 I don't understand the meaning of that paragraph. 我不懂那段話的意思。
    • adj.
      意味深長的[B] a meaning smile 意味深長的一笑
    • adj.
    • n.[S1]
      中間,中部;中庸 We must strike a mean and find a house that's not too big or too small. 我們得採取折衷辦法,找一所不太大也不太小的房子。
    • mean的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • mean的形容詞最高級
    • mean的形容詞比較級
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    • IPA[miːnz]



    • n.
      方法; 手段 by this means/these means 通過這一/這些方法 a means of communication/expression 一種通訊/表達手段
    • npl.
      財富; 收入 a family of moderate or modest means 中等收入的家庭 they have private or independent means 他們有財產性收入
    • 手段,方法,工具


  2. 知識+


      Pink balloons mean the baby is a girl. 要是是紫色的氣球, 表示小嬰兒是個女生 這裡的mean...補充: 對喔purple才是紫色 不好意思我每次都搞錯 the baby is a girl 是 mean 的受詞子句 句型為 主詞 + 動詞 + 受詞 2009-10-04 21:01:26 補充...

    • Which means ?

      ...放上去文法對,但意思不一樣 這裏的 which is why 前面已經說了原因 which means 是後面還有補充的連接詞 差點忘了造句~~ Nowadays scores may mean...

    • meaning的詞性

      mean是動詞 He refused to answer my question, which means (that) he kept some secret in his mind. that省略了,是為一名詞子句...