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  1. measure

    • IPA[ˈmeZHər]


    • v.
      ascertain the size, amount, or degree of (something) by using an instrument or device marked in standard units or by comparing it with an object of known size;be of (a specified size or degree)
    • n.
      a plan or course of action taken to achieve a particular purpose;a legislative bill
    • verb: measure, 3rd person present: measures, gerund or present participle: measuring, past tense: measured, past participle: measured

    • noun: measure, plural noun: measures

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    • 片語


    • 1. ascertain the size, amount, or degree of (something) by using an instrument or device marked in standard units or by comparing it with an object of known size the amount of water collected is measured in pints they will measure up the room and install the cabinets 同義詞 take the measurements of, calculate, compute, estimate, count, ... 更多反義詞 guess, estimate
    • be of (a specified size or degree) the fabric measures 45 inches wide
    • ascertain the size and proportions of (someone) in order to make or provide clothes for them he will be measured for his tuxedo next week
    • take an exact quantity or fixed amount of something she helped to measure out the ingredients
    • 2. estimate or assess the extent, quality, value, or effect of (something) it is hard to measure teaching ability 同義詞 choose carefully, select with care, consider, think carefully about, plan, ... 更多
    • judge someone or something by comparison with (a certain standard) she did not need to measure herself against some ideal 同義詞 compare with, contrast with, put into competition with, pit, set, ... 更多
    • reach the required or expected standard; fulfill expectations I'm afraid we didn't measure up to the standards they set
    • scrutinize (someone) keenly in order to form an assessment of them the two shook hands and silently measured each other up
    • 3. archaic travel over (a certain distance or area) we must measure twenty miles today


    • 1. a plan or course of action taken to achieve a particular purpose cost-cutting measures children were evacuated as a precautionary measure 同義詞 action, act, course, course of action, deed, ... 更多
    • a legislative bill the Senate passed the measure by a 48–30 vote 同義詞 statute, act, bill, law, legislation
    • archaic punishment or retribution imposed or inflicted on someone Sir Walter had hard measure dealt out to him by his vain and weak sovereign
    • 2. a standard unit used to express the size, amount, or degree of something a furlong is an obsolete measure of length tables of weights and measures 同義詞 system, standard, units, scale
    • a system or scale of standard measuring units the original dimensions were in imperial measure 同義詞 statute, act, bill, law, legislation
    • a particular amount of something a measure of egg white as a binding agent
    • a standard official amount of an alcoholic drink as served in a licensed establishment heavy drinking may be five measures of spirits per day 同義詞 portion, quantity, amount, quota, ration, ... 更多
    • a container of standard capacity used for taking fixed amounts of a substance gifts have included silver measures from a whiskey company
    • a graduated rod or tape used for ascertaining the size of something most schools had only metric measures available 同義詞 ruler, tape measure, rule, gauge, meter, ... 更多
    • a quantity contained in another an exact number of times; a divisor.
    • the width of a full line of type or print, typically expressed in picas.
    • 3. a certain quantity or degree of something the states retain a large measure of independence 同義詞 certain amount, amount, degree, quantity
    • an indication or means of assessing the degree, extent, or quality of something it was a measure of the team's problems that they were still working after 2 a.m. 同義詞 yardstick, test, standard, norm, barometer, ... 更多
    • 4. the rhythm of a piece of poetry or a piece of music. 同義詞 meter, cadence, rhythm, foot
    • a particular metrical unit or group measures of two or three syllables are more frequent in English prose
    • North American any of the sections, typically of equal time value, into which a musical composition is divided, shown on a score by vertical lines across the staff; bar.
    • archaic a dance, typically one that is grave or stately now tread we a measure! 同義詞 dance, step, caper, hop
    • 5. a group of rock strata.
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