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  1. meat grinder


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    • put sth through a meat grinder

      這是一種metaphor(吡喻法) 通過絞肉機之後, 通常變成碎狀, 絞成一團, put sth. through a meat grinder應用之後可以有以下解釋: 1. 體無完膚 2. 血肉模糊 3. 一團混亂 各人覺得此句中以 "體無完膚" 解釋最適當.

    • 超小篇製作魚漿翻譯~中翻英

      The fish flesh will bone which using the meat grinder twists the liquid fish meal, twists the machine which the fish flesh machine...

    • 英文中翻英 很急!明天就要了

      ...s plane station operate have not SOP; for example: Meat grinder. 2. fresh fish clean implement's cleanser do not, as completely annihilation illness matchmaker mosquito. 14 meat's prepared foods department use...