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    meat man
  1. meatman

    • KK[ˋmit͵mæn]
    • DJ[ˋmi:tmæn]


    • n.
    • 更多解釋
    • 屠夫,肉商

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    • 英文片語問題!(非常急) man's meat is another man's poison 一人的食物是...相似的意思: one man's garbage is another man's treasure 一人的垃圾是另一人的寶藏 2.the meat and potatoes 肉及馬鈴薯 意思:這句話...

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      ... next to I want to eat is pizza Peter: then go buy a c Men: meat pie compared to bread would cost two dollars Peter: want to...

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      a leopard can't change his spots 江山易改 本性難移 one man's meat is another man's poison 人各有所好 when is Rome do as...