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  1. mechanical advantage


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    • 機械短篇文章翻譯,英翻中

      ... finite motion of the coupler and a controlled value of the mechanical advantage.有這程式1 能設計這機製一規定的偶合器和一控制的機械利益的價值的有限運動...

    • 誰能幫我檢查以下的翻譯 20點!!!(急)

      ... system integration ). This stability with mechanical structure of organization that too to make with the combination...and imitate the mankind and play billiards with the advantages , such as intelligent inference and study ,etc. fast ...

    • 請幫我用英文回答12個英文題目 to have in the future? I would like to be a mechanical engineer. 4.What is your favorite kind...and drink plenty of water. 8.What are the advantages and disadvantage of college life? Advantages: ...