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    • 英文短文的文法、詞意校正

      I have mechanical games am Ren Tiantang 我有一台遊戲機...control game 這台遊戲機可以用觸控螢幕控制遊戲 Is different with other mechanical games 是不同於其他的遊戲機 I have...

    • 請幫我解釋mechanical drafting(製圖)

      Mechanical drafting is the study of the scale drawing of mechanical parts and assemblies for manufacture, similar to architectural drafting.

    • 急件!!!英翻中,徵求英文高手~~~

      1. Mechanical testing is carried out on steel panels which have...有點不是很確定需要你進一步作確認 2. Users are asked to abide by the rules relative to the...