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    • 4.冷卻水塔基本知識翻譯中文 感恩!

      ... by the means by which air is moved. Mechanical-draft cooling towers rely on power-driven fans to draw or force the air through the tower. 冷卻塔也用哪裡的空氣被移動的方法來分類...

    • 急急急英文翻中文 英文翻中文請幫忙

      設計支持能力工程師的总数:製造業EngineersCertification 質量EngineersCertification 設計EngineersCertification 工業EngineersCertification 電子EngineersCertification 機械...

    • 急! 馬可先生中翻英

      ... cup! Breaks you the mechanical impression which is also hard...mouth which might restore immediately just drew a charge 2009-04-16 22:56:58 補充...地方翻不出來,可能要請你修改一下中文內容唷︿︿