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  1. medical appointment

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    • need, promise用法

      I need to go now. I promise_____late for the appointment tomorrow. 空格應填not being 或 not to be? ... is an organization with a goal rto provide emergency medical aid, no matter where____ or who needs it. Ans...

    • 有關職能治療的英文句子翻譯

      Marguerite(瑪格麗特) 被要求去鑒定那個區域的職業(工作)績效是有問題或是成功的。 她很快地回覆說,那個為她的小孩當司機,當媽媽醫療照護的經理及家庭的管家是有問題的。 她覺得她如同在許多持續繃緊的行程中;最近,她的小孩的游泳課到其他日子,就引起的行程發生...

    • 給我這些單字的『英文解釋』‧‧ with sb. you are going to meet with 《appointment: a formal arrangement to meet or visit someone at a particular; a room, in which there are people who can provide medical care or advice; usually in schools 《clinic: a ...