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    • 中翻英一句話。和去醫院檢查身體有關。 給20點

      Recently you always talk in your sleeps unknowingly, will you go to the hospital with me to have a medical checkup?

    • 請問fast 這個單字

      ...30 hours 飢餓三十 或當名詞: A patient can I had a medical checkup after an eight-hour fast. 病人禁食8小時候可以最健康檢查。 fast day 齋戒日

    • 請問以下英文文法問題

      ...一般說法)是 You should not start exercise program until you have had a medical checkup. 倒裝句的用法是在強調身體檢查的重要性, 所以才顛倒順序. Should...